Dyno/Street Tuning

Dyno/Street/Remote Tuning


How does tuning work?

The ECM is calibrated to run the engine in an ideal fashion in accordance with the setup and client's request. For stock ECM's, software is used to "license" the ECM and allow for unlimited ROM flashing. This allows the tuner to alter the "look up" tables and change maps such as ignition timing, fueling, and cam angle targets. In some cases, special adjustments can be made to accept external inputs for wideband sensors, flex fuel sensors, or boost controllers.

In the cases of using EcuTek and UpRev, licensing the ECM is a one time purchase.

In the case of using a standalone, any competent tuner may interface with the ECM assuming it is not locked out. No additional licensing needs to be purchased.

In the case of HP tuners, credits must be purchased unless the car has been tuned with the same cable previously. 

Why use a dyno?

While a car can be debugged and tuned fairy well with road pulls on a closed or otherwise safe environment, there are some changes that may require a dyno to make the most of the engines performance. A good example would be finding an additional 10whp from fine tuning the ignition timing tables. That 10whp may not seem like much but using a dyno to find every last bit of power is ideal.

How does a remote tune work?

The client will be supplied an interface cable and license. The tuner can remotely  connect into their computer and perform all the tuning needed to deliver the same results as if the car was in the possession of the tuner. This also requires a high level of communication between the operator of the dyno and the tuner. This is to ensure things go smoothly and the dyno does not continue if the tuner encounters something undesirable that warrants an early stop.

Is a street tune sufficient?

If the tuner is confident that the car is running properly and performing as well as possible, then yes. This is most common with specific vehicles the tuner encounters often and knows all of the "sweet spots" of the tune. However, every individual car is truly different and will still require fine tuning.

Why tune with VPF?

We have had great success with the platforms we focus on and are confident that we will deliver high quality results in terms of power delivery and drivability. We love what we do and aim to continuously push the limits and improve our services.

Our tuning methods ensure that your engine will have maximum torque production along the entire torque curve with your specific setup. The power output of a vehicle is also effected by the parts selected for it. Our knowledge on what parts are optimal for each build is what makes our tuning service one of the best.